Friday, 17 November 2017

Weekly News

On Monday when the children arrived in the classroom there were lots of mysterious objects on the carpet. We completed a ‘free writing’ activity which involved choosing an object and writing in any style or genre such as; a story, a letter, a description or a poem. We made the focus handwriting and encouraged many children to start applying joins.
Later in the week we looked at the story of the Billy Goats Gruff and had a class debate / hot seating where we discussed reasons for and against crossing the bridge, for example ‘If you keep crossing the bridge you will give me a headache from all your trip-trapping.’
In Maths this week we have started to look at subtraction on a blank number line. The children find this more difficult than adding due to counting backwards in tens from any number so if you get a chance to practise this at home that would be great. We also solved subtraction word problems using our preferred method (mental, blank number line or 100sq).
In Science this week we have performed a simple experiment using newspaper. The children were challenged to create a bridge between two desks that would hold the weight of a goat figure. They worked in small groups and were only allowed to use 4 sheets of newspaper. The test showed some interesting ideas and the children thought carefully about how to make the newspaper stronger by folding, layering, rolling and twisting.

Whales class visited Mulbarton Church on Wednesday afternoon. Many thanks to Reverend Adrian for showing the children round and performing a pretend wedding. Shark class are looking forward to going next Wednesday. 

Have a lovely weekend,
Mrs Brooks and Mrs Wyer.

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