Friday, 9 March 2018

World Book Day in Year 2

We have had a fantastic day in Whales class celebrating World Book Day!

The day began with a whole school assembly where Mrs Bird launched the day and told us what we would be doing. We then returned to the Year 2 base and completed activities for the rest of the morning.
In the afternoon we got into our houses and circle time groups and completed a world book day quiz in the hall which was great fun. We had a picture round where we had to say which characters were on the sheet, a question round and a music round where we listened to pieces of music from films based on books and had to say which book the music related to. It was great fun! At the end of the day all of the adults read a book in a different place around school and we chose which one we went to hear.

In the Year 2 base we listened to the story Aliens Love Underpants and did four different activities to do with this. These were

Making a rocket bookmark
Designing our own symmetrical underpants or making a symmetrical alien using paint
Investigating magnets
Writing a story about having a pet alien


The children looked fabulous in their outfits and the aliens who had arrived at school today were very impressed with the costumes the children had come in!

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