Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Which material is best for Noi's Dad's coat?

In Whales class we have been really enjoying the work we have been doing on the 'Power of Reading' project. We have been using this for lots of areas of learning. We have carried out a science investigation to find the best material for Noi's Dad to use for his coat when he is out on his boat. It needed to be waterproof to keep him dry.

We made predictions and then we tested lots of different materials for example cloth, kitchen roll, tin foil, cotton wool and plastic bags and newspaper. We used a pipette to drip the water onto the material to see whether it was waterproof or absorbent. We recorded our results and drew a diagram.

We found out that the best materials were the plastic bags and the tin foil as these were the most waterproof.

Here are some photos of us doing the experiment

We have really enjoyed working on our investigation skills.

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