Friday, 11 January 2019

Weekly news

It has been an excellent start back to school so far.  The children have written recounts of their Christmas holidays and enjoyed sharing their news.  We had a fabulous trip to the castle where the children were treated to stories, pennant making, rat catching and the opportunity to sort artefacts.  We learnt lots about what life would have been like in Norwich Castle during a joust from how they prepare the castle, what the knights need to wear, how to cheer them on (Hazaa!), the feasts they would have had and how they would have used the toilet!  We also had an opportunity to explore some of the exhibitions where the children were fascinated and all impeccably behaved. 
This week we have written a recount of our trip and thought carefully about using commas, conjunctions and time language within this.  We have also begun to explore our new story for the power of reading in very small pieces – ask your child about this.
In maths this week we have been exploring division and how to draw this out to help ourselves.  We have answered word problems based on division and learnt to use a number line to work out the answers.  We’ve even learnt about remainders within division and how it is important to make sure that the groups are equal when dividing and showing the remainder.
During our topic lessons we have learnt about castles some more by testing materials in science that would successfully knock down a wall.  In history we have learnt about castles thought the ages and ordered pictures of them.  For D&T we made our own castle from a box and thought carefully about the features of a castle e.g. the drawbridge, portcullis, murder hole and gatehouse.
We have had a visit from a Paralympic swimmer this week and had the opportunity to hear how he was able to represent our country.  We completed a workshop with him of exercises he does before getting into the pool and discussed mind-set and how this can affect our ability.
We were very lucky this Friday afternoon to be able to watch a performance of Aladdin from a visiting theatre company.  It was lots of fun and we really enjoyed this treat.
Miss Cobb will be sending home further information about the dance showcase performance once she has received the details of the event from the SSP.

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