Friday, 15 February 2019

Weekly news

This week in school, we have been exploring the end of our story and began by attempting to predict the end of the story.  We did some role-play about the wedding and re-enacted the final scene with the troll Queen being turned into stone.  We went on to write questions for the troll queen and then interviewed her to ask her about her thoughts and feelings on the fairness of the ending.  We then wrote a letter of complaint on her behalf, complaining about how unfair it was that she did not get a happy ending.
In maths, we have continued our work on fractions and learnt about 1/3 of shapes, numbers and objects.  We have then learnt about identifying the different fractions, comparing them and then looking at the relationship between ½ and 2/4.
In topic this week, we have made paper bridges and explored the properties of the paper and how we could make it stronger.  This was fun and the children were expert bridge builders.  During our history topic this week, we have learnt about the great escape and re-enacted this using bowls and spoons to dig tunnels and try to escape the guards.  We went on to write a recount of the events during the great escape in 1944.  The children were fascinated and amused by the names of the three tunnels ‘Tom, Dick and Harry!’
Please spend some time over half term having a look at Bug Club and Education city.
FYI – our next learning café will be on Tuesday 26th March.
Have a great half term holiday – The year 2 team.

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