Friday, 15 March 2019

We had a lovely start to the week with the launch of our new topic ‘Street Detectives’ by going on a walk around the village. The children had a map and drew symbols to make a key showing the main features of Mulbarton including the Church, Co-Op, The Common, etc.
In English, we have started our new Power of Reading book (the title of which will be kept a secret for now). We began by looking at the first picture in the book, which was a city scene. We then read the first 9 pages which introduced us to the characters Claude, Sir Bobblysock, and Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes. The children completed a character profile with all the information that they already knew about Claude along with questions regarding things they would like to find out. Later in the week, we wrote predictions of the adventure that Claude and Sir Bobblysock might have.

At the end of the week, we began writing poetry about a city. We will be continuing this next week.
In Art, we made collages to show our predicted adventures. These included; space, beach, under the sea, Paris, and city scenes.
In Spanish, we learnt the names of animals. The children acted as different animals and we guessed what they were using our new Spanish words.
In Maths this week, we have been learning about the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction. We used this understanding to solve missing number problems, for example ? + 20 = 70 we solved by doing 70-20 = 50. This is an area that some children find quite challenging and would benefit from practising missing number problems at home.

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