Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Weekly news

We started this week finishing off our non-fiction books about castles.  The children used their notes they had made in a previous lesson to help them write castle facts.  We looked at the features of non-fiction books and the children included a contents page, title, facts and some even had a go at a glossary.  In English we have also been acting out the story of Rapunzel during drama lessons as well as learning how to use speech marks to write a conversation for the characters.

In art we have continued our towers, tunnels and turrets theme by building towers using natural materials in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.  We collected lots of exciting materials from the outdoors and some children were able to explain their choices.

We have been busy this week adding 2 2-digit numbers on a number square.  The children had to think carefully about how many tens and ones were in their number in order to know which direction to move on the hundred square.

Children have been practising the dance show case again this week, they are having lots of fun.

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