Sunday, 1 October 2017

Welcome to our new blog!

We are really looking forward to sharing all the exciting things we have been learning about in Whales class with you and hope you will enjoy looking at what we have been up to!

This week's weekly news - Week ending 13.10.17

This week has been our first full week of our new topic. The children are loving it and are very engaged with the cross-curricular learning.
We started our week looking at properties of 2-D shapes.  The children remembered the names of most 2-D shapes and many learnt to identify a pentagon, hexagon and octagon.  They also investigated lines of symmetry.  Later in the week we looked at 3-D shapes and their properties including; faces, edges and vertices – some children found this a challenge so please practise shape recognition at home.  Everyone built a castle using 3-D shapes explaining the reasons why a certain shape is suitable for a particular part of the castle.
In English this week we have been looking at non-fiction books and their features.  The children researched facts about castles and recorded their findings before producing their own non-fiction book about castles later in the week.  They used a contents page, text boxes, questions, labelled diagrams and some even attempted a glossary.
In History we have been looking at castles through the ages.  The children made their own timelines to show castles from oldest to the newest.
The dance showcase practises are going well. This week the children started the routine to their song which is called ‘Best Day of My Life’ by the American Authors.
Please note that the children have brought home their usernames and passwords for Bug Club.  You will find these in their reading records.  We have allocated children their colour bands so please make use of this wonderful resource.